The following analysts of the stock exchange regularly cover events around KazTransOil JSC and their potential impact on share prices:
Company Name Website
«Halyk Finance» JSC

Abay ave. 109 «В», 5th floor, A05A1B9, Almaty, Kazakhstan
«BCC Invest» JSC

Business center «Old Square», Panfilov Street 98, Block A, 5th floor, 050000, Almaty, Kazakhstan
"Halyk Global Markets"​ JSC

Business center «CDC ONE», 11th floor, N. Nazarbayev avenue 240 G, 050059, Almaty, Kazakhstan
«Jysan Invest» JSC

Syganak Street 24, 010000, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
«Centras Securities» JSC

Business Center «SAT», 2nd floor, 32a Manas St., Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, 050008