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KazTransOil establishment

For the purposes of ensuring that the interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the issues of oil transportation, export and import of oil and oil products, by the decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 1997 No.461, the Closed Joint Stock Company «National Oil Transportation Company «KazTransOil» (hereinafter CJSC «NOTC «KazTransOil») was created, with 100 percent state participation in charter capital.

In 2001 the state block of shares was transferred to the charter capital of the Closed Joint Stock Company «National Company «Transport of Oil and Gas», which was created in accordance with decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 2 May 2001, No.591.

According to the order of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 22 June 2001, No.159, the CJSC «NOTC «KazTransOil» was renamed to Closed Joint Stock Company «KazTransOil» (hereinafter the CJSC «KazTransOil».

By the decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 20 February 2002, No.811 on the basis of closed joint stock companies, «National oil and Gas Company «Kazakhoil» and «National Company «Transport of Oil and Gas», reorganized by means of merger, the Closed Joint Stock Company «National Company «KazMunaiGas» was created and became the sole shareholder of CJSC «KazTransOil».

On 31 May 2004, CJSC «KazTransOil» was renamed to JSC «KazTransOil».

The subject of «KazTransOil» JSC activity:
  • Provision of services on oil and petroleum products transportation (pumping, transshipment, unloading, loading, storage, blending) via main pipelines,
  • Organization of transportation and transit of Kazakh oil via pipeline networks of other states (operator’s activity on unified routing),
  • Operation and technical maintenance of main pipelines, that belong to other legal entities,
  • Provision of services on water delivery via main pipeline and distribution networks ,
  • Provision of services on production, transfer and distribution of heating energy, transfer and distribution of power,
  • Implementation of other kinds of activity provided by the Charter.

KazTransOil development results

Within passed period the efforts of «KazTransOil» were mostly aimed at development and integration of network of Kazakhstan main pipelines, enhancement of reliability of existing and construction of new oil transportation facilities, increase of Company's services competitiveness, creation of necessary contractual base to ensure oil transportation across the territories of transit countries.

Cargo turnover has been increased from 19,1 bln.MT*km in 2000 to 42,2 bln. MT*km in 2011. Transportation volume has been increased from 27,8 MMT in 2000 to 66,9 MMT in 2011. Net income has been increased from KZTg 5,7 bln. in 2000 to KZTg 25,9 bln. in 2011.

More than 1000 km of main oil pipelines of КТО network were replaced, 60% of tank farm were renewed.

4 railroad loading/unloading racks were built/upgraded and Aktau Sea Port oil terminal's throughput capacity was increased. New oil pipelines: «Alibekmola - Kenkiyak» and «North Buzachi - Karazhanbas» were put into operation. Throughput capacity of «Atyrau – Samara» oil pipeline was increased. Existing oil pump stations were upgraded and new oil pump stations were built. Proprietary right for TON-2 oil pipeline was registered. SCADA system was installed on facilities of KTO.

In 2001 «Tengiz – Novorossiysk» oil pipeline of Caspian pipeline Consortium (CPC) was commissioned. «KazTransOil» to provide access to the CPC pipeline shippers, put into operation new facilities at «Atyrau» pump station for oil transshipment to the CPC delivered via «Uzen–Atyrau», «Kenkiyak–Atyrau», «Martyshi–Atyrau» and rail road.

In 2003 «Kenkiyak – Atyrau» oil pipeline was put into operation («MunaiTas» NWPC JSC). In 2006 –«Atasu – Alashankou» and in 2009 –«Kenkiyak – Kumkol» oil pipelines («Kazakhstan-China Pipeline» LLP) were put into operation as part of Kazakhstan-China export network.

On December 13, 2013, «Kazakhstan-China Pipeline» LLP commissioned oil pumping stations #8 and #10 of Atasu – Alashankou pipeline, thus increasing its capacity up to 20 MMT/year.

On December 11, 2013, the process of «Batumi Industrial Holdings Limited», «Batumi Capital Partners Limited» and «Batumi Services Limited» merged with «Batumi Terminals Limited» was finalized. On December 25, 2013, the process of Batumi Oil Base LLC merging with Batumi Oil Terminal LLC was completed. «KazTransOil» JSC at the result of the reorganization owns 100% of shares of «Batumi Terminals Limited» (Cyprus), through which owns and controls the assets in Georgia - Batumi Oil terminal and Batumi Seaport.

The transit of Russian oil via Priirtyshsk-Atasu-Alashankou in the amount of 7,0 mln.tons per year has been done since January of 2014 (Agreement between the Governments of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russian Federation on cooperation in the area of transportation of Russian oil through the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the People’s Republic of China). Kazakh oil has been supplied to the RoK refineries through the territory of the Russian Federation via Atyrau-Samara-TON 2 – Priirtyshsk - RoK refineries since December of 2015.

«KazTransOil» established mutually beneficial partnership relations with Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Azerbaijani companies providing transit of Kazakh oil.

Sustainable client base was established and reliable contractual relations with oil companies (shippers) were set.

Legal base and state regulation in oil transportation area has been developed and improved.

KazTransOil today

«KazTransOil» is a largest oil pipeline company of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which provides services on oil transportation on the domestic market and for export.

«KazTransOil» JSC was included in the Republican section of State register of subjects of natural monopolies.

«KazTransOil» JSC is an owner of the largest network of main oil pipelines and waterlines in the Republic of Kazakhstan, total length of which amounts to 5 376,625 km of oil pipelines (with account of 71,7 km of «Kenkiyak - Orsk» oil pipeline, which passes through the territory of the Russian Federation and which is on the balance sheet of Representation of «KazTransOil» in Samara) and 1 975,1 km of water pipeline.

Oil transportation via the main oil pipelines is ensured by 37 oil pumping stations, 64 oil preheaters, tank farm for oil storage of oil with overall volume 1 414 200 cub. m.

Oil transshipment is performed by 4 loading-unloading railroad racks and oil loading facilities installed on 5 piers of oil loading terminal of Aktau Sea port.

Water is supplied by «Kigach» main treatment plant, 4 pumping stations and «Kulsary» water treatment plant using the water tanks with total capacity of 155,2 thousand m3.

In accordance with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan Decree #1273 dated October 8, 2012, «KazTransOil» JSC is appointed as the National Operator for Oil Pipelines.

The activities of the National Operator are aimed at the development of oil pipeline system in Kazakhstan and provision of their effective, reliable and safe operation.

The main objectives of the National Operator are:
protecting the interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other parties concerned in transportation of products via oil pipelines to the domestic and foreign markets;
  • providing innovative development of oil pipelines and their integration with the global energy system;
  • participating in the development and implementation of the National Oil and Gas Industry development programs in regard to oil transportation via pipelines;
  • initiating the consideration by the Authorized body of the regulation amendments providing further improvement of the National legislation on the main oil pipeline;
  • drafting of and obtaining approvals for regulatory documents and technical standards for main oil pipelines;
  • participating in the development and implementation of international agreements in the field of oil transportation via oil pipelines;
  • participating in international pipeline projects aimed at strengthening energy security and the diversification of oil transportation routes.
The National Operator:
  • has the right to provide on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan the operator services for oil pipelines in which fifty percent or more of the voting shares (participation) are owned directly or indirectly by the state, the national managing holding company or the national company;
  • has the right to provide services for organization of oil transportation from the Republic of Kazakhstan via transit countries' pipeline systems that are connected to oil pipelines owned by National Operator by the right of ownership or other legal basis (operator’s activity on unified routing).
On December 25, 2012 the ceremony of official opening of the auction by the common shares of JSC «KazTransOil» in the secondary market took place in a trading floor of the Kazakhstan stock exchange. During a subscription 10 accumulative pension funds and 33 989 citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan bought the common shares of JSC «KazTransOil». The volume of demands exceeded placement volume for 2.1 times. From February 1, 2013 the common shares Of «KazTransOil» JSC will be included into the KASE Index representative list.

As of today «KazTransOil» JSC is a participant of 2 legal entities with foreign participation:
  • «Kazakhstan-China Pipeline» LLP (KCP), where «KazTransOil» and CNODC participate on parity basis. KCP owns «Atasu - Alashankou» and «Kenkiyak - Kumkol» oil pipelines with 1 759 km total length and throughput capacity 12 MMT/y.
  • «MunaiTas» LLP (MunaiTas), Participants of which are «KazTransOil» JSC (51% share of participation) and CNPC Exploration and Development Company Ltd. (49% share of participation). MunaiTas owns «Kenkiyak - Atyrau» oil pipeline with 448,8 km total length and throughput capacity 6 MMT/y.
«KazTransOil» JSC owns 100% of shares of «Batumi Terminals Limited» (Cyprus), through which owns and controls the assets in Georgia – «Batumi Oil terminal» LLC, as well as exercises has the exclusive management rights on 100% of shares of «Batumi Sea Port» LLC.

«KazTransOil» JSC performs services on operation and technical maintenance of main oil pipelines, owned by other legal entities:
  • «Kenkiyak - Kumkol» and «Atasu - Alashankou» («Kazakhstan-China Pipeline» LLP),
  • «Kenkiyak - Atyrau» (MunaiTas» LLP),
  • «Aksai - Bolshoi Chagan - Atyrau» (Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.),
  • COAS Turgai-Petroleum - HOPS «Kumkol» («Turgai-Petroleum» JSC).

Operating data (consolidated)

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Oil cargo turnover, mln. MT*km 41 351 42 244 42 163 45 493 44 206 45 446 43 130 48 360 46 120 45 580 43 757
Water supply, 1000 cub. m. 21 361 21 192 22 799 23 390 24 815 24 998 25 133 26 225 28 730 28 900 28 406
Staff 10 034 9 992 9 264 9 140 9 278 9 347 9 154 8 766 6 923 6 773 6 720

Financial data (consolidated)

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Revenues from products sold and services provided, mln KZTg 138 241 140 478 143 061 196 367 206 637 213 162 207 108 222 450 225 400 239 626 235 222
Cost, mln KZTg 82 407 96 299 99 604 110 969 121 309 124 064 129 862 146 599 152 393 159 871 163 016
Net income, mln KZTg 19 618 25 945 33 501 63 543 46 431 44 713 44 528 50 118 38 485 45 121 55 954
Payment of dividends for the previous year, mln KZTg 7 340 19 331 60 002 28 848 41 295 46 429 51 156 59 617 61 540 40 001 50 771

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