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Energy management system

«KazTransOil» JSC (hereinafter - the Company), understanding the extent of its influence on energy consumption at the national level, In 2015, one of the first entities of the State Energy Register of the Republic of Kazakhstan introduced an energy management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 50001.
The main purpose of the introduction of ISO 50001, which defines the requirements for an energy management system (hereinafter – EMS) and is business-oriented, is: to provide the Company with structured and comprehensive guidance on the optimization of energy consumption and system management of the process.
In accordance with the requirements of ISO 50001, the Company has developed an Energy Policy, conducts an in-depth energy analysis of energy consumption, on the basis of which it sets annual energy goals and targets, and action plans that take into account legislative requirements and other information relevant to the significant use of energy.
EMS enabled the Company to meet the obligations set out in the Energy Policy, to take the necessary actions to improve the level of energy efficiency and to demonstrate compliance of EMS with the requirements of ISO 50001 when passing certification and inspection audits, conducted by a certification authority.
For the Company as a whole, in the period from 2009 to 2020, a 21.4% reduction in the specific electricity consumption per oil cargo turnover was achieved (46,953,800 kW*hour economized) and a 35.6% reduction in the specific gas consumption per oil cargo turnover on «hot» oil pipelines was achieved. (saved 52 662,200 m3).
In 2019, the next energy audit was carried out on the objects of the Company, the results of which were based on the plan of measures on energy saving and energy efficiency improvement of «KazTransOil» JSC for 2020-2025.
In 2020, the Company switched from an energy management system corresponding to ISO 50001:2011 to an energy management system corresponding to ISO 50001:2018.
Thus, the Company, by implementing the requirements of ISO 50001, ensures efficient management of fuel and energy costs and improves its energy efficiency.
ISO 50001: 2018 certificate (Download | View in new window)
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