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Sustainable development

Sustainable development of “KazTransOil” JSC is one of the fundamental strategies of development of the Company. The sustainable development of “KazTransOil” JSC is one of the basic directions of the Company’s development strategy. The basic principles of sustainable development include effective business development, while preserving and protecting the environment, ensuring comfortable and safe working conditions, providing possibilities for professional growth, taking care of the health of workers and members of their families and contribution to the development of local communities in which the Company operates.

The Company publishes Sustainability Report as part of the Annual Report.

The Company considers adherence to these principles as one of the key factors of long-term sustainability and competitiveness.

Within the framework of its operating activities, the sustainable development management is provided by:
  • the Department for Risk Management, Energy Management and IMS, and Operation Department in competences of which includes the issues of energy consumption and energy saving;
  • the Department for industrial safety and labor protection, responsible for industrial and fire safety, protection of labor and environment;
  • the Department for management of human resources and payroll, responsible for accounting the personnel, organization of labor and payroll, development of human resources and social support.
At the level of industrial branches and oil pipeline offices of the Company, there are services and departments responsible for separate areas in the field of sustainable development. Their work is coordinated and approved at the level of the Central Office of the Company.

The operations of the Company in the sphere of sustainable development are based on the principles and provisions, enshrined in:
  • The UN Global Compact;
  • The standard ISO 26000 “Guidelines on social responsibility”;
  • The standard AA1000 Account Ability Principles Standard and the standard AA1000 Stakeholders Engagement Standard, including the principles of engagement, materiality, response;
  • The guidelines on reporting in the sphere of sustainable development GRI G4;
  • Other internal documents related to certain areas of sustainable development activities, which are in public access on the corporate website of the Company.

GRI G4 Guidelines (Download | View in new window)
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