Countering corruption

In daily activity, KazTransOil JSC (hereinafter – the Company) is guided by the principles of transparent, conscientious and ethical business conduct, as well as conducts systematic work to detect and combat corruption and fraud in any form.

The main internal documents regulating anti-corruption issues in the Company are:

  • The Corporate Ethics Code of KazTransOil JSC;
  • Anti-corruption Policy of KazTransOil JSC;
  • Anti-corruption Standards of KazTransOil JSC;
  • Regulations for conducting anti-corruption monitoring and internal analysis of corruption risks in KazTransOil JSC;
  • Managing the Risk of Violations Policy in KazTransOil JSC;
  • Resolving Conflicts of Interest between Officials and Employees Policy of KazTransOil JSC.

The main tools and mechanisms used in the Company to counter corruption are:

  • identification, assessment and management of corruption risks;
  • functioning of channels for feedback and information about corruption.

The Company has developed a system of internal communications, which provides operational information from any employee and other interested parties about suspected facts of corruption, as well as other abuses and violations. The Company operates the following channels for receiving requests:

Also, in 2019, a special dedicated line «No corruption!» was created.

In addition, information about violations of property and non-property rights and interests of the Company can be reported to the number +7 (776) 044 52 13.

The special dedicated line «No corruption» is intended only for receiving messages containing facts of corruption according to the definition of corruption.

Received messages that meet these requirements are processed and then reviewed in accordance with the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On procedure for consideration of appeals of individuals and legal entities». A special dedicated line operates around the clock.

Requests are considered from 9:00 to 18:30 on business days.

In order to create an anti-corruption culture of the Company, work is being done to raise awareness of employees in the anti-corruption.

Thus, in 2019, the Сompany's the Security Department employees took part in introductory lectures (via video conferencing) on the following topics: «Countering corruption in the quasi-public and private sectors» and «Raising the level of anti-corruption culture». A thematic meeting was held for employees of the Central office with representatives of the Anti-Corruption Department in Nur-Sultan and the «Birlik» branch of the «Nur Otan» party.

In 2019, the corruption or fraud fact was not found in the Company.


Anti-corruption standards for “KazTransOil” JSС (Download | View in new window)
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Policy on Settlement of Conflict of Interests of the Officials and Employees of “KazTransOil” JSC (Download | View in new window)
pdf    473.75Кб    02.09.2020    92

Policy for Managing the Risk of Violations in “KazTransOil” JSC (Download | View in new window)
pdf    7.73Мб    02.09.2020    94

Corporate Ethics Code of “KazTransOil” (Download | View in new window)
pdf    1.28Мб    02.09.2020    97

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