Investment Projects

One of the largest investment projects of KazTransOil JSC is the construction of the Kazakhstan-China pipeline system (hereinafter - the Kazakhstan-China Project), the purpose of which is to ensure the energy security of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Kazakhstan-China Project began in the 2000s as part of an independent Kazakhstan policy to create a multi-vector hydrocarbon transportation system. Given the scale and strategic importance of the Kazakhstan-China Project, its implementation is carried out in stages.

The Kazakhstan-China Project participants are KazTransOil JSC, MunaiTas LLP and Kazakhstan-China Pipeline LLP, each of which is the owner of the corresponding section of the Kazakhstan-China pipeline.

1st stage of the Kazakhstan-China Project

Within the 1st stage the following objects were built and commissioned:
  • 2004 – the «Kenkiyak-Atyrau» pipeline with a length of 448,85 km, 610 mm in diameter and a capacity of 6 MMT/y. It integrated the HOPS «Kenkiyak» with OPS n.a. T. Kassymov (ex. OPS «Atyrau») for deliveries of Kazak crude oil to Atyrau refinery, CPC pipeline export terminal, «Atyrau – Samara» pipeline, as well as for loading into railway tanks at the OPS n.a. T. Kassymov.
  • 2006 – the «Atasu – Alashankou» pipeline 965,10 km long (of which 2.2 km – in China), 813 mm in diameter and a capacity of 10 MMT/y constructed in order to ensure the export of Kazakh crude oil and transit of Russian crude oil to China.
  • 2009 – the «Kenkiyak - Kumkol» pipeline 794,2 km long, 813 mm in diameter and a capacity of 10 MMT/y with the possibility of expansion up to 20 MMT/y.

2nd stage of the Kazakhstan-China Project

  • In 2012, KazTransOil JSC initiated the project «Second phase of the second stage of the Kazakhstan-China oil pipeline construction. Increase in productivity up to 20 million tons of oil per year» aimed at diversifying the directions of oil supplies for export, as well as at creating the possibility of providing oil refineries of the Republic of Kazakhstan with domestic crude oil.
  • Within the second stage the following was carried out:
  • 2013 – the «Atasu – Alashankou» oil pipeline capacity was expanded from 10 to 20 MMT/y through the construction of pump station №8 and pump station №10 by KCP.
  • 2014 – a new line of the «Kumkol-Dzhumagaliyeva» oil pipeline, 199 km long, 800 mm in diameter was put into operation, the purpose of which is to increase the reliability and the capacity of the section of up to 25 MMT/y.
  • 2014-2015 - pipes with a diameter of 800 mm at the exit of the OPS n.a. B. Dzhumagaliev (18 km) and at the exit of the OPS «Barsengir» (19 km) were replaced in order to increase the reliability of the «Dzhumagaliyev-Atasu» section of the «Pavlodar-Shymkent» pipeline taking into account the growth in oil transportation volumes.
  • 2016 – the reconstructed OPS n.a. N.Shmanov was commissioned, whose expansion of capacity made it possible to supply the Mangyshlak oil coming from the «Uzen-Atyrau» pipeline to the Atyrau Refinery.
  • 2018 – together with the launch of the reconstructed HOPS Kenkiyak, KazTransOil JSC completed its participation in the second stage of the Kazakhstan-China Project.
In 2018, MunaiTas LLP started implementing the investment project «The first stage of reverse section of the Kenkiyak-Atyrau oil pipeline with a productivity of up to 6 million tons per year» within the framework of the Kazakhstan-China Project. In 2019 Kazakhstan-China Pipeline LLP initiated the implementation of the accompanying investment project «Increasing the capacity of the OQMS at the HOPS Kenkiyak and HOPS Kumkol».

The further development of the Kazakhstan-China Project entails the following:
  • to increase the capacity of the «Kenkiyak-Atyrau» pipeline from 6 to 12 MMT/y – a modernization of the connection points to the existing OPS and the construction of 2 new intermediate OPS (OPS «Makat» and NPS «Kopa»);
  • to increase the capacity of the «Kenkiyak-Kumkol» pipeline up to 20 MMT/y – a modernization of the connection points to the existing OPS and the construction of 3 new intermediate OPS (OPS «Shalkar», OPS №4 and OPS «Aralsk»);
  • to increase the capacity of the « Kumkol- Dzhumagaliyev» pipeline up to 20 MMT/y – the expansion of HOPS «Kumkol» (2-phase) and a construction of OPS «Kyzylzhar» at the section of the «Dzhumagaliyev – Atasu» pipeline.
The investment decision on the implementation of these facilities will be made in case of the availability of the appropriate resource base.

At the same time, KazTransOil JSC together with Main Waterline LLP, continues to carry out work on the implementation of the investment project «Reconstruction and expansion of the «Astrakhan-Mangyshlak» main waterline». The development of the waterline system is aimed at satisfying the increasing fresh water demand of the population, industry, and agriculture of the Atyrau and Mangistau regions.

Financing of investment projects of the group of companies of JSC «KazTransOil» is carried out at the expense of own funds.
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