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Health, safety and environmental management system occupational health and safety


KazTransOil JSC, being the national operator of the main oil pipeline and the largest pipeline company of the Republic of Kazakhstan, being aware of the potential danger of possible negative impact of its activities on employees and the environment, has determined that the life and health of employees and minimization of impact on the environment are of the highest value in relation to production activities.

KazTransOil JSC provides employment for more than seven thousand people in different regions of the country, investing significant funds in the organization of protection of its employees, ensuring a high culture of production work and developing social responsibility of the business, an indicator of which are successfully operating systems in the field of quality, environment, health and safety that meet the requirements of international standards ISO 45001:2018.

The activities of KazTransOil JSC in the field of safety and labor protection are carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as other regulatory documents governing the rules and instructions on safety and labor protection.

One of the determining factors of the productive development of KazTransOil JSC is the high obligations assumed by the company with regard to the protection of life and health of employees and ensuring safe working conditions. In this regard, a large amount of measures aimed at improving and enhancing working conditions, prevention of occupational injuries and diseases is planned and implemented annually. A multifaceted work is carried out to reduce the negative impact of hazardous production factors.

When planning activities, special attention is paid to the process of risk management in the field of occupational safety and health. Thus, all structural subdivisions of the Company systematically carry out updating of hazards and risk assessment in the field of safety and labor protection, based on the results of which high risks are identified and measures for their reduction are developed. Financing of these activities is a priority in the formation of the business plan of KazTransOil JSC.

Employees engaged in work associated with increased danger, machines and mechanisms undergo a mandatory pre-shift medical examination. Pre-shift medical examinations are ensured at all production facilities of the Company, including those located far from populated areas, as well as where the labor process is performed on a rotational basis. For this purpose, as well as to provide quality medical care to the employees at the Company's production facilities, medical stations staffed in accordance with the requirements of health care regulations have been established.

KazTransOil JSC provides protection of property interests of employees through the conclusion of contracts of compulsory insurance of employees against accidents in the performance of their labor (job) duties.

In order to improve the efficiency of KazTransOil JSC in the field of safety and labor protection, the Company maintains a transparent system of external and internal communications focused on advising employees and achieving the strategic goals of KazTransOil JSC.

In 2020, KazTransOil JSC carried out extensive work on the transition from the health and safety management system, corresponding to the requirements of international standard OHSAS 18001:2007, to the health and safety management system, corresponding to the requirements of international standard 45001:2018 - «Health and safety management systems. Requirements and recommendations for use, which was confirmed by obtaining the relevant certificate. 

According to the results of the inspection audit conducted by the audit company SGS SA, the health and safety management system of KazTransOil JSC was positively assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of the new international standard ISO 45001:2018 - Health and Safety Management System. Requirements and guidelines for their application.

Implementation of the requirements of this standard in KazTransOil JSC will improve the effectiveness of measures to ensure safe working conditions, prevent accidents, prevent occupational diseases, improve employee health, as well as focus on leadership and involvement in the construction of safety and labor protection systems for each employee.



KazTransOil JSC, as a key element of the energy industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, defines as its highest and unchangeable priority environmental protection, ensuring a high level of environmental safety of processes for oil transportation through the main oil pipelines.

KazTransOil JSC is fully aware of the potential danger of a possible negative impact of production activities on the environment and is ready to ensure the highest level of environmental safety and environmental protection.

KazTransOil JSC carries out its production activities in accordance with the environmental legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as in accordance with the regulatory and permitting documentation agreed with the authorized body in the field of environmental protection.

The priority tasks in the field of environmental protection are the preservation of a favorable natural environment. In order to meet the high international standards, KazTransOil JSC has implemented management systems in accordance with ISO 14001:2015.

The existing system is constantly improved through the timely development of a plan of corrective and preventive actions and updating of corporate regulations in the field of management of production processes, environmental protection and environmental safety.

An important component of the system of preventive measures is industrial environmental monitoring, which is a fairly extensive system of environmental monitoring. KazTransOil JSC continuously monitors the condition of atmospheric air, soil, surface, underground and waste water on the territory of production facilities.

Environmental protection activities in KazTransOil JSC are carried out in accordance with the limits and conditions established in the permit for emissions into the environment (emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, discharges of pollutants of waste water, disposal of industrial waste).

Work continued to reclaim historically contaminated land along the Uzen - Atyrau - Samara main oil pipeline in accordance with the project «Reclamation of Disturbed Land at Facilities (Main Oil Pipelines)». In 2020, 4 hectares of disturbed lands were restored. These activities make it possible to return to use the previously disturbed areas, including for agriculture.

KazTransOil JSC pays great attention to the issues of personnel training, improvement of environmental culture, educational and professional level of personnel in the field of rational use of natural resources, environmental protection and environmental safety.


The work of KazTransOil JSC in the field of industrial safety was carried out in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and regulatory and technical documents governing the requirements for industrial safety at hazardous production facilities (hereinafter - HPF).

In order to exercise industrial control at hazardous production facilities, the Company developed and put into effect the Regulations on industrial control over compliance with industrial safety requirements at hazardous production facilities of KazTransOil JSC. In accordance with it and other internal standards, the company organized (three-level internal control) a permanent commission on industrial control, safety and labor protection. The implementation of industrial control is organized at all levels, starting from the head of the industrial facility and up to the top managers of the Company.

Based on the results of the commissions' work, measures are prepared to reduce the probability of accident and incident risks, which are subsequently included in the production program, and their implementation is monitored, including by authorized employees of the central office.

According to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 11.04.2014 No. 188-V LRK «On civil protection» one of the main requirements of industrial safety is the declaration of industrial facilities.

The industrial safety declaration of hazardous industrial facilities of KazTransOil JSC is kept up to date in order to define a set of measures to protect people and the environment from hazards formed by specific activities on the basis of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At the same time, KazTransOil JSC carries out systematic work on industrial control and monitoring of the technical condition of technical devices, buildings and structures operated at the Company's hazardous production facilities. The subject of work is prevention of violations of industrial safety requirements in terms of timely and quality maintenance and repair, testing and examination, diagnostics and examination of industrial safety in order to extend the standard service life of equipment and availability of permits for use of technical devices at hazardous industrial facilities, using the means of the ТОРО module of the SAP system.

Control over timely receipt and renewal of certificates (licenses) for the right to work in the field of industrial safety is carried out.