Atyrau Oil Pipeline Management Department

Dzhuldasov Askar Daribaevich
Head of Atyrau Oil Pipeline Management Department of JSC “KazTransOil”
t was created in 1969.

The main functions of Atyrau Oil Pipeline Management Department are:
  • reception and transportation of oil composites via the main oil pipelines “Uzen-Atyrau-Samara” (section 615 – 1235.3 km), “OPS n.a. T. Kasymov – “OPS n.a. N. Shmanov” – Atyrau Refinery”, “OPS “OPS n.a. N. Shmanov – Atyrau Refinery”, “Martyshi-Atyrau”, “Komsomolsk-Makat”, “OPS named after T. Kasymov – OPS “Atyrau” CPC (Martyshi), “OPS named after T. Kasymov – OPS “Atyrau” CPC (Kumkol), “OPS named after T. Kasymov – OPS “Atyrau” CPC (Western-Kazakhstan composite), terminal “Atyrau” FVF – OPS n.a. T. Kasymov.
  • 1263 qualified employees work in the department. Among them, engineers and technicians – 388 persons, workers – 875 persons.
  • There are 6 oil pumping stations in operation: OPS n.a. T. Kasymov, OPS “Inder”, OPS n.a. N. Shmanov, OPS “Makat”, OPS “Martyshi”, OPS “Bolshoy Chagan”;
  • 1 oil heating station – OHS “Sakharniy”;
  • 3 oil heating points: OHP “Karmanovo”, OHP “Antonovo”, OHP “Baranovka”.
  • 1 line operations dispatcher station– LODS “Uralsk”;
  • Emergency Response and Restoration stations, production service bases, area of underwater technical operations, workshops of technological transport and special equipment, electrochemical protection areas.
  • System of oil pipelines under the department administration has a length of 832.69 km;
  • Crude storage with a total capacity – 400,000 m3;
  • OL and HVTL – 855,9 km;
  • Oil heating furnaces –33 units;
  • G9PO2V - 25 pcs.;
  • PTF – 160 EZh – 3 pcs.;
  • PTF – 10-63 E – 1 pcs.;
  • PTF – 10 ME – 4 pcs.
  • Main pumping equipment – 56 units in total, including:
    • Main line pumps – 35 units.
    • Booster pumps – 13 units.
    • Pumps for discharge and filling – 8 units.

060011, the Republic of Kazakhstan,
c. Atyrau, Ural highway 5 km
Tel. +7 (7122) 93-19-94, 93-15-64
Fax: +7 (7122) 93-14-28
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