Director of the Eastern Operator Services Directorate of JSC «KazTransOil»
The Eastern Operator Services Directorate was organized on January 3, 2018 by reorganizing the previously created Usharal oil pipeline directorate on February 10, 2006 and transferring oil pipeline service sections from the Karaganda and Zhezkazgan oil pipeline directorates.

The main functions of EOSD are:
  • Transportation of oil for LLP «Kazakhstan-China Pipeline»;
  • Transportation of oil through the OP «Atasu-Alashankou», the OP «Kenkiyak-Kumkol» for further pumping to the People's Republic of China;
  • Provision of services for the operation of the «Atasu-Alashankou» and «Kenkiyak-Kumkol» main oil pipelines, provision of services for the operation of the JSC «Turgai-Petroleum» oil pipeline.
As of September 1, 2020, the Eastern Operator Services Directorate employs 655 workers, including 188 of ETW, 467 workers.

The directorate maintains a system of main oil pipelines with a length of 1540,273 km, of which the МP «Atasu-Alashankou» 0 km – 962,9 km, the MP «Kenkiyak-Kumkol» - 231,39 km – 794,263 km, OP JSC «Turgai-Petroleum» - 0 km – 14,5 km.

Structural subdivisions of EOSD:
  • Management apparatus;
  • OPS №8;
  • OPS №9;
  • OPS №10;
  • OPS №11;
  • SERC «Aralsk»;
  • LPA «Kumkol»;
  • Oil pipeline JSC «Turgai-Petroleum»;
  • Production dispatcher service (CDB «Atasu»);
  • Section of relay protection and automation;
  • Section for servicing information systems;
  • Сentral warehouse;
  • Shop of technological transport and special equipment;
  • Section of upkeep services.

040200, Republic of Kazakhstan,
Almaty region, Alakol district,
Usharal, Kasimdzhanov, str., 1
Office phone: +7 (72833) 2-34-54
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