Environmental impact

Atmospheric air protection
Specific emissions of pollutants of KazTransOil JSC
Greenhouse gas emissions
Specific greenhouse gas emissions in KazTransOil JSC
Drainage of waste water
Volume of draining waste water in KazTransOil JSC
Water consumption
Specific water consumption for own needs of KazTransOil JSC
Waste management
Ratio of the amount of disposed and neutralized waste to the amount of waste in circulation
Recultivation of damage lands
Recultivation historical pollution
Oil spill prevention, unauthorized patches
Specific frequency of pipeline incidents resulting in oil spills
In 2019, there were two incidents with the oil spills in the Mangistau Oil Pipeline Department. The oil-contaminated soil was collected and disposed of in accordance with the contract. Specific amount of spilled oil in 2019 was 0.0016 = 102 000 /63 582 090 ton of conventional fuel.
Financing of environmental protection activities
Dynamics of environmental payments in KazTransOil JSC
Costs of environmental protection activities in KazTransOil JSC